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How to back up employee data with Individual Reports

Back up employee data (download a full PDF archive)

Now you can download Individual reports for each co-worker on all the Pulses they have participated in, their Role & Goals, as well as all the Hi5's they've been given. You can also toggle to Legacy Ratings (until 30 Nov 2021) to download their ratings results.

Individual reports

Step 1

To get Individual reports for each co-worker on all the Pulses they have participated in (self-rating, rating their co-workers, company pulses or Individual Pulses where they have been rated by their co-workers), go to Pulses > Reports > Individual Reports.

Step 2

Then use the filters and Search boxes to choose the co-worker/s you'd like to see the results for.

Step 3

You can click on the dropdown for an employees profile to view all the Pulses they have been added to.

Step 4

You can select a Pulse to view the Overall Summary, Individual Response, Hi5's, and Notes.

Step 5: Overall Summary

Here you view the Overall Summary of the individual Pulse report.

Step 6: Individual Response

On the Individual Response tab, you view the individual responses and toggle the Rater, Date, and Complete.

Step 7: Hi5's

If you select the Hi5's tab, you can view the statistics of Hi5's Given and Hi5's Received of the user.

Step 8: Notes

On the Notes tab, you can view the notes from other co-workers and Add New Notes.

Step 9: PDF Download or CSV Download

You can Download PDF or Download CSV of the users Individual Pulse report.

The PDF download gives you 3 options:
Pulse report (with notes) - show the comments made in Notes on the report
Pulse report (without notes) - exclude the Notes on the report
Full archive - back up all the employee's data, including profile details, Hi5's, Role & Goals and all Pulses.

Simply choose your report option and click Download.

Updated on: 09/12/2022

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