Back up employee data (download a full PDF archive)

Now you can download Individual reports for each co-worker on all the Pulses they have participated in, their Role & Goals, as well as all the Hi5's they've been given. You can also toggle to Legacy Ratings (until 30 Nov 2021) to download their ratings results.

Individual reports

Step 1

Go to My Company > Reports > Individual Reports.

Then use the filters and Search boxes to choose the co-worker/s you'd like to see the results for.

Step 2: Download Bulk CSV or PDF report

If you'd like to get a bulk report showing the results from multiple participants and pulses, you can download this view as a CSV or PDF by clicking on the relevant button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 3: View & Download a Full Archive

To download a full archive of an employee's profile, pulses and Hi5's, click on View Details on their Individual Report card.

Now click on the CSV or PDF icon in the bottom right-hand corner to download the report.

When you download the Individual Report in PDF format you'll get 3 options:

Pulse report (with notes) - show pulse results plus the comments made in Notes on the report
Pulse report (without notes) - exclude the Notes on the report
Full archive - back up all the employee's data, including profile details, Hi5's, Role & Goals and all Pulses.

Want to learn more about individual reports? Check out this article!

Legacy Ratings

We are shutting down our Legacy Ratings feature on 30 Nov 2021, so you will need to back up any Ratings data you may have.

Step 4: Download Legacy Ratings results

To back up employee Ratings results, toggle to Legacy Ratings while on the Individual report:

You will see the Ratings: Co-worker Overview report for that particular employee. Now filter the time period in the top left corner to "View All" so that you can see all the ratings on their profile.

All their Ratings data will show up on the report.

Now click on the PDF icon in the bottom right-hand corner to download and back up all of their Ratings results.

These reports will enable you to keep a full archive on file for each employee!
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