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How to change settings & personalise your company account

Company Settings

Your Settings tab is where you can customise your company account, upgrade or update your billing details and change settings for measuring Goals and/or Culture and your Hi5 notifications.

Step 1: Billing

Go to My Company > Settings.

You'll land on the Subscription tab. Here you can check your Current Subscription Plan, Chat to our support, Update Payment Method, Downgrade Account, and Delete Account.

Step 2: Customise Company Settings

Now, click on the Settings tab. Here you can toggle some features to suit your needs:


Measuring Roles allows you to see growth reports.

Measuring Culture enables you to see reports on Values tagged in Hi5's, as well as ratings according to the Company Values.

Want to make company values tagging in Hi5's compulsory? Toggle 🙌Value Tagging ON.

Measuring Goals lets you create Roles and Goals, and allows you to see reports on ratings according to the Goals assigned to co-workers.
Measuring with Pulses enables you to create custom pulses surveys and performance reviews. More info here.


Adding co-workers
Allow employees to invite others to the company, or leave that up to the admins only.
External Hi5's
Toggle on/off whether employees can receive Hi5's from people outside the company by sharing a unique QR code.
Notice Board
Toggle on/off whether employees are allowed to post notices on the Notice Board.
Domain Invite
Allow employees with the same email domain to join your workspace.
Game Center
Allows employees to play team-focused games with Hi5 online games at the Game Center on the Hi5 platform.


Slack: New User Added
Sends a Slack notification to the Hi5 dedicated Channel that a new user has been added.
Birthday Notification (Slack)
Enable employees to receive a Slack notification when it's a co-workers birthday (Pro Tip: Birthdays are a great way to get co-workers to engage with each other more often and show appreciation).
Bad Score Notification
Toggle on/off whether Line Managers are notified when their team members receive a low Pulse rating score on Culture and/or Goals.
Email notifications
Enable employees to receive email notifications from Hi5.
Weekly Summary
Enable employees to receive a daily summary email.
Daily Summary
Enable employees to receive a weekly summary email.
New Hi5
Enable employees to get an email each time they receive a Hi5.
New Hi5 comment
Enable employees to get an email each time they receive a Hi5 Comment.
New Hi5 Backing
Enable employees to get an email each time their Hi5 is backed.
New Hi5 Crowned
Enable all employees to get an email each time a Hi5 is crowned.

Step 3: Save your settings

Once you've customised your Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Update Settings button to finish!

Step 4: Personalise your company profile

You can change your Company Name and logo in the Workspace section, as well as the Workspace name, Allowed Domains, and the OpenID Connect.

Change your company logo

Click on your company logo (if any) or select the Upload button.

Choose a new image from your computer by clicking Choose File, or simply drag and drop a logo image. 

Once your image has been selected, crop it as necessary and click Upload Image to save.

Update company name

Type in a new name for your company and click on the Save Changes button to save.

Update Workspace name

Change your workspace name if you need to, once done click the Save Changes button.

Update Allowed Domains

Type the email domains that are allowed to join your company. Underneath you can copy the shareable link to join your company account.

Awesome, you've updated your Settings! Remember, you can go back to edit your Settings at any time.

Updated on: 26/09/2022

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