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What's the difference between Admin, Line Manager & Employee?

A guide to Hi5 Permissions & views.

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Below is a table showing what you have access to as an Admin, Line Manager and Employee in our different plans:


Has all access and edit rights, as they manage the company account and all its users. See Getting Started: Admins for more info.

Note: A company can have more than one Admin, and Admins can have Line Managers assigned over them. This does not affect the Admin's edit rights, nor does it give edit rights to their Line Manager.

Line Manager

Has view access to the co-workers they lead specifically, to enable the Line Manager to report to the Admin. See Getting Started: Line Managers for more info.

Line Managers can create and view Pulses, as well as see Individual Reports.

Note: Line Managers can also have Line Managers assigned to them, effectively creating a delegation structure. Admins can also be Line Managers.


Employees can edit their own Profile and view their own information, like Hi5's given/received and ratings (based on the Company's subscription and the Settings configured by Admin). Depending on your company/Pulse transparency settings, they are able to see rating reports as well (learn more about Pulse Transparency Settings)

Employees are also able to search for their co-workers' contact information using the People Directory. See Getting Started for more info.

What the Admin/Line Manager sees vs. what the Employee sees:

Hi5 Wall of Fame & Dashboard

Hi5 Menu/Access

Admins/line managers have access to Recognition Reports and My Company details, while employees do not.

Pulses and Pulse transparency settings.

(Depending on Transparency setting)

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Updated on: 11/10/2022

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