Viewing Pulse stats & Individual Reports

You can use Pulses to measure anything, including performance reviews. To see your pulse results, follow the steps below.
To see how to set up a Pulse, check out this article.

View Pulse Stats

Go to My Company > Pulses.

To see the results of your company's surveys or performance reviews, click on the graph icon (View Pulse Stats) next to the Pulse.

Here you'll be able to see the Summary results compiled in graphs, as well as the Individual results for a breakdown of the responses.

You can also filter your results to include/exclude Self-ratings and filter by Department, Role & Office.

On the right you will see how many ratings have been completed, as well as the current Pulse deadline.

Pro tip: If you'd like to see the pulse responses done over a certain time period, you can use the time period filter in the top-left corner of the Pulse report to filter by date. This is very helpful if you're using pulses to run quarterly reviews and would like to see the current quarter's results or a previous quarter's results.

Pro tip: Need to get your hands dirty with data? Download your Pulse Stats by clicking on the CSV button in the bottom right corner, or download a PDF for a more visual report with graphs.

Individual reports

To get Individual reports for each co-worker on all the Pulses they have participated in (self-rating, rating their co-workers, company pulses or Individual Pulses where they have been rated by their co-workers), go to My Company > Reports > Individual Reports.

Use the filters and Search boxes to choose the co-worker/s and Pulse/s you'd like to see the results for.

Download Bulk CSV report or PDF report

If you'd like to get a bulk report showing the results from multiple participants and pulses, you can download a CSV or PDF of this view by clicking on the CSV/PDF buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

View & Download Individual report

To view the Individual report of a particular co-worker, simply click on View Details on their report card.

Click on the CSV or PDF icon in the bottom right-hand corner to download the report.

The PDF download gives you 3 options:
Pulse report (with notes) - show the comments made in Notes on the report
Pulse report (without notes) - exclude the Notes on the report
Full archive - back up all the employee's data, including profile details, Hi5's, Role & Goals and all Pulses.

Simply choose your report option and click Download.

View employee Role & Goals

When you click on your co-worker's profile picture in the Individual Report, you can view their Role and Goals.

View Legacy ratings

You can toggle Legacy Ratings in the top right corner of the screen to view the co-worker's ratings on Company Status (legacy feature).

Send reminders to participants

Go back to My Company > Pulses. You can see how many co-workers have responded to the pulse in the Completed column.

Do you want to send a reminder to the stragglers who have not completed their pulse? Go ahead and click on that green button with the envelope icon to send a standard reminder message, or customise it before sending.

For a step-by-step on how to create Pulses, go here.

Want to see how to complete a Pulse Rating? Check out this article.
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