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How to add Roles and Goals

Adding Roles and Goals

Adding work roles with goals is essential if you intend to measure Employee performance. Each role has 5 goals associated with it. 

Ensure that all goals are practical and measurable, as Employees will be rated according to these.

Note: Creating Roles with Goals is only available on Desktop.

Step 1

Go to Settings on the Hi5 menu under My Company.

Step 2

In Company Settings, click on the Settings tab.

Step 3

Make sure you've toggled Roles on in the Measure section. Click on Update Settings to save your selection.

You will now be able to see the Roles tab under My Company

Adding a New Role

Step 1

Click on Roles under My Company.

Step 2

Here you can:
View a Role and its Goals by clicking on the eye icon.
Edit existing Roles by clicking on the Edit Role icon.
Download a PDF report of the report of the Role by clicking on the PDF icon.
Delete a Role by clicking on the Trashcan icon.
On the far right of each Role, you can see the number of employees who have been assigned to that particular Role.

Click on Add New Role icon at the bottom top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Here you can either create a New Role using the drop down under Select a Template, or create a new role and write a description of it. Once you have done this click Next.

Step 4

Here you can write the Goal and Goal Description of the New Role. When writing the Goals, try and keep it as measurable and practical as possible, as each employee could be rated on these using Pulses! Then click Next.

You will be able to write up to 5 Goals and Goal Descriptions.

Step 6

Once you're done, click Save.

Next steps: See this article to learn how to assign roles to your employees.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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