Manage co-worker information

Need to make some changes to the team structures in your Hi5 company account, change an employee's email address or assign who gets to rate them? You can do this and so much more on your Manage dashboard.

Important Note: The Manage section is only available on Desktop.

Step 1

After logging in, go to your Manage section under the My Company tab, or click here

Step 2: Filter employees' information

Use the drop-down filters at the top of the page to see employees per Department, Role, Office, Permission, Activity status or Line Manager. You can also Search for co-workers by simply typing their name in the search bar (top right corner).

Step 3: View/Edit employees' information

From left to right, you can view/edit the following (scroll to the right or toggle columns on/off if you can't see all the columns): 

Permission: Access to information (Admin, Line Manager or Employee) explained here.
Full Name: Edit the employee's profile.
Start Date: Select employment date.
Line Manager: Select who the user's Line Manager is. Note: Line Managers can also have Line Managers assigned to them, effectively creating a delegation structure. Admins can also be Line Managers.
Department: Select from the list of Departments created here.
Role: Select from the list of Roles created here. For a step-by-step guide, see this help article.
Office: Select from the list of Offices created here.
Rated by: Select one or more co-workers to rate an Employee. See this help article on how to assign people to Rate a co-worker.
More Options: Explained in detail below.

Inactive co-workers:

With just one click, you can Resend Invite, View User Performance or Remove User.
Important Note: A red dot next to the co-worker's profile shows that they are inactive. Click that Resend Invite icon to remind them to get started!

Active co-workers:

When your co-workers have activated their account, you can View Profile, View User Performance, View User Pulses or Remove User.

Step 4: Edit a co-worker

Click on the name of a co-worker to edit their complete profile. A new modal will open.

👉 P.s. to see how to update their profile pic, see here for a step-by-step.

Once you're happy with the changes to their profile, scroll to the bottom of the modal and click Save All.

Download a CSV

You can download a CSV file of your Manage section to use the data as you wish.

Pro tip: If you only want certain data to be included in the CSV file, use the filters and toggle the columns to narrow it down.

For more on getting started as an Admin, check out this help article.
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