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Want to run a company-wide survey on employee happiness, individual performance reviews or just want to find out from your managers what they learned at the last seminar they attended? Follow the steps below to measure anything using Hi5 Pulses.

Important to note: Pulses creation & viewing are currently only available on Desktop.

Step 1: Create a new Pulse

Go to your Pulses tab under My Company. If you don't see it after toggling Pulses on in Settings, refresh the page.

Now, click on the Add Pulse button or the + button in the bottom right-hand side corner of the screen to start creating a new Pulse.

Pulse templates

Besides creating pulses from scratch, you can use Pulse templates. At the top of your page you should see the Pulse templates tab - these are ready-to-use Pulse templates based on verified surveys. Learn more about Pulse Templates >

Step 2: Set the deadline / Choose frequency

Give your new Pulse a name, and choose from the dropdown whether it's a Once Off or Recurring survey.

Once Off
Set the deadline date. This will let your co-workers know when they need to complete the survey.

Choose the frequency of a recurring Pulse by setting it to Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly or Yearly. Your co-workers will be reminded each time they need to complete the Pulse.

Step 3: Compose the questions

This is the fun part. Pulses allows you to create 6 types of survey questions, and to add sections:

Short answer: Allows text input for quantitative data.
Paragraph: Allows long answer text with bullet points, numbered lists and bold text.
Dropdown list: Allows you to create answer options to measure.
Rating 1-5: A simple slider scale which allows you to customise the key for each number.
Goal rating: If you've set up roles and goals, this will run the same way as a normal rating against an individual's goals.
Culture rating: If you've set up your company values, this will run the same way as a normal rating against the company's culture.
Section: Create a question section with a heading and a 'Next' button.

Click the '+' icon underneath each question to add another, or click the trashcan icon to remove it.

You can drag and drop your questions to rearrange the order. Once you've added all your questions scroll to the bottom and click the Next button.

Step 4: Pulse Settings

Now you will have an array of options and settings to set up your Pulse:

You can choose the following viewing options for pulses:

Open (Employees have access to Pulse stats and can see Summary and Individual pulse responses).
Medium (Employees have access to Pulse stats and can see Summary responses, but not Individual responses).
Closed (Employees don't have access to the Pulse stats under My Company > Pulses).

Choose whether this Pulse's results can be seen by Admins and all Line Managers, or only the Pulse creator and Admins.
Choose whether this Pulse's participants can be seen in the Pulse stats, or whether results should remain anonymous.
Notifications & Reminders
Choose whether to send notifications to the participants' Email, or Microsoft Teams, and whether they should go out 10, 5 and/or 1 days before the deadline.

You can also choose the following:
- I want to receive notifications about pulse completions : Every time a pulse is completed, you will receive an email with their results and a completion status.

Pulse Type
Target participants by Department or individual names, as well as how they should rate each other.

In your pulse settings, under the Pulse type section, you have the following options:

- Rate the Company: All employees rate the company.
- Individual: Select employee(s) to be rated.
- External Feedback: Send a Pulse for feedback about anything.
- Self-rating Only

Advanced Types:
- Bottom up: Employees rate managers within your selection
- Top down: Managers rate employees within your selection
- Everyone rates everyone: All co-workers rate each other within your selection
- Full 360: Employees rate each other based on their Line Manager & team.

- *Additional: Self-rating
Select whether users should be able to rate themselves within any given pulse.
- *Additional: Allow Sharing
Share a unique link with people outside of your company.

Step 5: Save or Publish Pulse

Once you've completed Step 4 above, you can now Save a Draft of your Pulse, or Publish it immediately.

You'll see it appear on your Pulses page, where you will be able to view & edit the Pulse, as well as see the results (View Pulse Stats).

Step 6: Editing a Draft Pulse

Click on the pencil icon next to the Pulse you'd like to edit. You'll be able to edit all the elements of your Pulse before publishing it.

Step 7: Editing a Published Pulse

Click on the gear icon (View Pulse) next to the Pulse you'd like to edit.

Important note: Once your Pulse has been published, you will be able to make changes to the Pulse's deadline/frequency (See Step 2), add/remove participants and ratees, toggle self-rating and allow sharing (External Rating) ON/OFF. In addition, you can also see a preview of how your Pulse will look and feel to participants. You will not be able to edit any other settings or the Pulse questions.

Adding Groups:

You can add groups for better organisation within your pulses. You either select the pre-existing groups or you can add your own by clicking "other" under the groups section. You must click the Update Group button for this to take affect.

You can then view these groups on the main page of pulses.

Viewing Pulse results

To see all the results of your pulse surveys, you can go to the View Stats section of each pulse, or check out the Individual Pulse report. Here's a step-by-step.

🎉Thanks for using the early version of Hi5 Pulses! Got any feedback for us? Please email help@get5.io.

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