Assigning Roles to Employees

There are two ways to assign Roles

Assign a role to multiple users from the Roles section.
Assign a role to an individual from the Manage section.

Option 1: Assigning a role to multiple users

Step 1

Click on the Roles tab under My Company. 

Here you will see all the Roles that have been created by Admins and employees in the company.

Step 2

Click on the Assign Role icon, or on the green button on the right of the role. This button displays the number of employees that have been assigned the Role. To assign the role, type in the name/s of the relevant employee(s), or select them from the drop-down menu. Click Save.

Step 3

You will see a confirmation prompt. Click Manage to go to the Manage section, or OK to remain in the Roles section.

Option 2: Assigning a role to an individual employee

Step 1

Go to your Manage section under My Company

Step 2

Double click on the Role field next to an employee's name to choose a Role from the drop-down menu.

Another way to do this is to click on the employee's name to open their profile, then choose their Role from the drop-down menu there. 

Step 3

Click the Save all button when you're done.

Note: If you would like to let an employee [Create their own Role and Goals](, you can remove the Role you've assigned to them by clicking on Remove Role:

Remember to click Save all to save your selection.
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