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Q: How long will our information stay on the system?

A: Information loaded in Hi5 will remain securely in the system until a client would like to delete this information (according to our formalised procedure). The information that you delete, such as deleting a Hi5, is deleted for good. 

Any record deletion will be done within the framework of applicable legal stipulations and general practice (all that fancy stuff).

Q: Is there a limit to how many users I can load?

A: You can have up to 10 users on our Awesome package forever. However, if you intend on adding more than 10 users to your account, you will need to upgrade your subscription. Here's a simplified breakdown of what our paid subscriptions entail (besides all the other rad features we offer):

Hi5 Awesome offers recognition reports, as well as Hi5 Crowning and 5 free Pulses for $3 per user per month.

Hi5 Business has all the features of Awesome, plus unlimited Pulses and reports, for $7 per user per month.

Check our pricing page for details.

Q: Can I customise goals for each individual role?

A: Yes, you can customise the goals of each individual role, but every role must have 5 goals associated with it. The number of goals must be 5 and cannot be customised. This is based on Google's OKR system, which recommends max. 5 items to achieve.

Q: How many Admin Users are there / can there be?

A: You can have an unlimited amount of Admin users. However, we advise that only top HR management has Admin access. 

Q: How do I add users?

A: All you need at first is a name & surname, and an email address. You can also load users via a CSV file, by sharing your company's Join link, or adding users via Azure Active Directory - more info here.

Q: What happens once my company's users are loaded?

A: Once users are loaded, they can be invited to activate their accounts. You have the option of loading users and sending the invitation emails immediately, or at a later stage.

Q: How can I use the Games centre?

A: Steps you can take:

Add co-workers
Add company values
Be sure your profile is fully updated
Play games!🎉

Here is a link to our Hi5 Help Articles explaining how to play our Hi5 Games.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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