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How to play Hi5 Games

Getting started with Hi5 Games

Hi5 Games is our latest and most exciting feature offering. You can sign up for a company account to get access to:

🎮 Engaging Games for your Entire Company
🏆 High Scores
đŸ‘Ĩ Employee Profile Management
🙌 Unlimited Hi5's for Recognition
ℹī¸ Support & Knowledge Base

đŸ’ŗ *Sign up via credit card only. To learn more about Hi5 Games, visit our webpage.

Here's how to get started with Hi5 Games:

Step 1: Sign up

Go to the Hi5 Pricing Page and select the Hi5 Games package (or any other package that contains the games feature).

Step 2: Add Co-workers

Once you've created your account, you need to invite at least 5 co-workers to play Hi5 Games.

Go to the Add Co-workers tab in the menu and add the names and email addresses of the co-workers you'd like to invite. Additionally you can add your co-workers Permissions Level, Department, and Office if you would like to.

For more ways to invite co-workers, check out this article: How to add co-workers to your Hi5 company account

Step 3: Add Company Values

In order to play the Know Your Values game, you need to add your company's values. Go to My Company > Values.

Here you can click on the Add New Value button to enter your company's values.

Step 4: Update your profile

Everyone in your company needs to update their profiles in order to play Hi5 games.

Go to your Profile tab:

Make sure all your details have been filled in. Click on your profile pic to update it.

Step 5: Play Games!

Now you're ready to play Hi5 Games! Go to the Game Center tab and get to know your co-workers and company values.

You can also give Hi5's on your Hi5 Games account to share recognition and celebrate wins 🏆 Check out: How to give a Hi5

Updated on: 23/11/2022

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