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How to give a Hi5 on Desktop

How to Hi5 on Desktop

A Hi5 is a recognition message from one co-worker to another to show appreciation for good work, and to encourage positive behaviours in the workplace.

Every week (at midnight on Sunday, to be exact!), you get a fresh batch of 5 x Hi5's to give to your co-workers. You will see all the Hi5's in your company on the Hi5 Wall of Fame

Here's how to give Hi5's on Desktop:

Step 1

On your Hi5 Wall of Fame, click on the blue hand icon near the middle of your screen.

Step 2

To find the co-worker you'd like to give a Hi5 to, scroll through the list of names on the left, or type their name into the Find a team member field. Click on their name to get started with your Hi5.

You can also give a Hi5 to someone outside of your organisation, by clicking on the Give a Hi5's outside your company* button. See how this works.

Note: You can only Hi5 co-workers who have activated their accounts.

Step 3

Fill in the blank box with your awe-inspiring Hi5. This is where it gets really fun! We've added plenty of elements to help you express yourself: add emoji's to your message, upload a Photo or GIF.
👉 You can also Hi5 a team! by tagging co-workers.
👉 Use the Genuine Meter underneath your Hi5 text to gauge Hi5 awesomeness.

If you need a little inspiration, we've provided some recognition tips on the right. You can click on the Recognition Suggestion button to get more helpful suggestions on how to get your Hi5 started.

Step 4

Once you've typed your recognition message and personalised your Hi5, choose the relevant Company Values, if applicable.

Step 5

Click Send Hi5. Click YES when the confirmation pop-up appears.

To see your Hi5, as well as all the others given in your company, go to the Hi5 Wall of Fame.

Check out this article) to learn how to back Hi5's given by others in your company. Or delight multiple co-workers at once without using up your whole week's Hi5's by simply giving Team Hi5's).

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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