Inviting a co-worker to Hi5

It only takes a few seconds to invite a co-worker to Hi5. All you'll need is the person's name and email address.

Note: Depending on the Settings your Administrator has set, you might not be allowed to invite co-workers yourself. In that case, please notify your Admin of the person that needs to be invited!

Step 1

Go to the Add Co-workers tab in the main menu.

Step 2

Type in your co-worker's company Email address and Full Name. You can also use the shareable link at the top to invite your co-workers, simply send them the link and it will direct them to creating their own account (they will be added to your company). If you'd like to invite another co-worker at the same time, click on + Add Row.

Note: You can invite up to 5 co-workers at a time with this method.

Step 3

Click the Invite button when you're done - they will each receive their activation link in an email from!
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