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Your Hi5 Wall of Fame & Dashboard

The Hi5 Wall of Fame & Dashboard

The Hi5 Wall of Fame is your base of operations. This is where you land when you first log in and see all the Hi5's given in your company. From here, you can also quickly navigate to every section of Hi5 via the handy dashboard.

The Wall of Fame

This is where you'll see all of the Hi5's given across your company displayed chronologically, with the most recent Hi5 at the top. Just scroll down to see older Hi5's.

Filter the Hi5's on your wall by Most Recent, This Month, Last Month, View All, Department, and Office.

The Hi5 Menu

From the Hi5 Menu you can navigate to:

Give a Hi5
The Notice Board - Depending on your company's settings, you can view and create Notices.
Recognition - here you can access Overview, Insights, Culture Reports.
Pulses - here you can access Manage Pulses, Individual Reports, My Status, and Pulses To Do.
My Company - If you are an Admin or Line Manager, you'll find all of your company's vital information here (Employees don't have access, unless Open/Medium transparency is set by Admin).

From here you can access Manage your staff's details and edit your Values as necessary. You can also navigate to Pulses, Roles, Departments, Offices sections from here.

Lastly, you can personalise your company's profile in Company Settings.  
To Do - Complete Pulses, Rate yourself, your co-workers and your company.
Add Co-workers - Invite one co-worker at a time, or invite several co-workers at once.
People Directory - Look up your co-workers' names and contact details & view your company's Organogram.
My Profile - Personalise your Hi5 profile.
Logout - Log out of your Hi5 account.


Notifications - Shows the notifications on: Hi5's you have given or received, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries.
Hi5 Leaderboard - Go to the Leaderboard showing the top Hi5 givers 🖐
Company Values - review your company's values any time.
Weekly Recognition - shows top Hi5's given, Hi5 givers, and Hi5 receivers.
Games Center - a place to have fun and play games with your co-workers!
Badges - Shows unclaimed badges up for grabs. Click to see all your badges.
Hi5 Via - other ways of accessing Hi5.

More fun stuff

Notification Bell

The notification bell will have notifications whenever you have an in-app notification, such as a new Hi5, or a Hi5 that has been backed. You can also click here to see a list of all of your recent notifications.


Here under the Notifications tab you can view Hi5 Notifications, and any Birthdays, and Work Anniversaries.

Hi5 Announcements

Here you can view Hi5 Announcements from us such as updated features, updates, or any bugs we may have fixed for you.

Now you're well on your way with using Hi5! Reach out to our Help chatbot if you need some assistance.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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