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How to personalise your profile

Personalise your profile

Step 1

Hover over your profile photo on the top left and click the Profile button.

Here are 4 tabs which you can navigate at the top of the page: Profile, Password, Picture and Badges.

1) Profile

Check your existing details and edit the fields, update profile picture, or add missing info. Click Save changes when you're done.

Remember to add your phone country code when updating your phone number!

2) Security

Enter your Current Password, then your New Password, and be sure to Confirm New Password.
Then click Save changes to update.

3) Private Notes

Here you can take Private Notes for yourself.
You can Add New Note, Edit Note, or Delete Note.

4) Badges

A fun, quirky element to Hi5 - learn more about Badges here!

You can go back to update My Profile at any time and see how you're progressing with your Badges!

Updated on: 31/10/2022

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