Personalise your profile

Step 1

Go to the My Profile tab at the bottom left of your screen. 

Here are 4 tabs which you can navigate at the top of the page: Profile, Password, Picture and Badges.

1) Profile

Check your existing details and edit the fields, or add missing info. Click Save changes when you're done.

2) Password

Enter your Old Password, then your New Password and click Save changes to update.

3) Picture

Click on the Select Picture button to browse your computer for a new profile picture. This is the picture that everyone in the company sees to identify you on the Hi5 Wall of Fame, Rate Now and People Directory.

Alternately, you can drag and drop the picture you want directly onto your profile page.

You can drag and crop your pic to get it just right. Click the Upload button to save the change, or click Cancel if you're not happy and want to go back and browse again.

4) Badges

A fun, quirky element to Hi5 - learn more about Badges **here**!

You can go back to update My Profile at any time and see how you're progressing with your Badges!
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