How to use Full 360 Pulse type

How to use Full 360 Pulse type

Full 360 is a Pulse type that allows employees to review each other based on their Line Manager and team. This Pulse type is popularly used for employees to review each other.

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Step 1

On your Hi5 Wall of Fame, go to the Pulse>Manage Pulse settings section in your Hi5 menu.

Step 2

Click on the Add New Pulse button near the top-right hand corner.

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Step 3

Give your Pulse a name and select the Full 360 Pulse type.

A button will pop-up with the option to add Self-rating, which means employees will also be asked to review themselves.

Step 4

Choose whether you want this Pulse to be recurring or once off, and select the date/recurring date for the Pulse to completed. Then click the Continue to Questions button.

Step 5

Here you can create the questions for your Full 360 Pulse survey.

After you have finished creating your questions for your Pulse survey, click the Continue to Participants button.

Step 6

Now you can add the employees you would like to participate in the Pulse. You can filter through employees by Name or Department.

Full 360 Pulse type requires that you select an employee as well as their Line Manager and co-workers below them. For example, take a look at the Organogram of your company to get a good idea of who needs to be added to the Pulse.

If you have not yet set up the Organogram of your company, take a look at our Hi5 Help Article on How to set up your company's Organogram

After you have selected the employees you would like to participate in the Pulse, click the Continue to Publish button.

Step 7

You can now optimise your Pulse settings for Transparency, Visibility, Anonymity, and Notifications.

After optimising your Pulse settings you can choose to Save as Draft or Publish Pulse.

Overall, the key to a successful 360 Pulse type review process is to involve employees in the design and implementation of the process, to provide clear guidance and support throughout the process, and to use the feedback collected to drive meaningful improvement and development. ✨

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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