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How to make notes about your co-workers

Adding notes to a co-worker's profile

Keeping Notes will help you remember key interactions when you want to Hi5 or review someone later.

Private means only you will be able to see the NotePublic means you, your Admins and the immediate Line Manager of the person the Note is about will be able to see the Note.

Good to know: Notes are only available on Desktop at this time. Follow the easy steps below to get going!

Step 1

Click on the Find People tab in the Hi5 Menu

Step 2

You can simply type in the Search for co-workers, Offices or Filter by Departments/Roles.

Step 3

Click on the co-worker's card to open their profile. 

Step 4

In the Notes section on the right hand side, click on the Add New Note button.

Type a note about your employee.

Step 5: Choose who sees your Note

There are two visibility options (click on the eye icon): Public (default) and Private.

Public: You, your Admins & the immediate Line Manager of the person (Drew, in this case) can see your Note about the co-worker.
Private: Only you can see your Note about the co-worker.

FYI: No Employees can see Notes that others have added.

Step 6

After setting your Note's visibility, click Save.

Good to know: You can add as many Notes as you like! And you can always go back to edit, delete or change the visibility of your Notes.

For more information on how to use the People Directory, check out this article.

Updated on: 14/11/2022

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