Receiving Hi5's outside of your company

Hi5's are no longer restricted to the users in your company's Hi5 account. If someone outside of your company wants to give you a bit of recognition for a job well done, they can now give Hi5's to show their appreciation (without having a Hi5 account).

You can get Hi5's outside of your company when you share your unique QR code or link. The process is simple.

Step 1 

Click the Hi5 hand icon in the top right-hand corner on your Hi5 Wall of Fame Dashboard.

Step 2

Click the Get a Hi5 outside your company button which will copy a link you can share with whomever you desire.

Step 4: What the Hi5 giver sees

Once they follow your External Hi5 link, your Hi5 giver will arrive at the Give a Hi5 screen. Here they can add their details and the content of their Hi5:

Step 5

Once the external Hi5 giver have sent their Hi5, it will appear on your company's Hi5 Wall of Fame.

You will get a notification email that someone outside your company has Hi5'd you.💌

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