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Reviewing a role created by an employee

What to do after an employee has created their own Goals

After an employee has created their own Role with Goals, the Admin of the account will be notified. The Admin can then review the Employee's Goals before assigning the role to that Employee and others. This is an example of the email notification an Admin would receive once an Employee creates their own Role:

Step 1

Click the View Roles button in the email to get started, or go here.

Step 2

Clicking on View Roles will take you to the Roles section.

Scroll through the Roles that have been created. You can see the name of the employee who created the Role next to the Role title.

Step 3: Review the Role

Click on the Edit Role icon and check that you agree with the Goals created. Click Save when you're done.

Step 4: Assign the Role

To assign the role, click on the Assign Role icon. You can also click on the green button on the far left of the Role. Type/choose the name/s of the employees to assign and click Save.

Step 5

Once the role has been assigned, you will see a confirmation prompt. Click Manage to go to the Manage section, or OK to remain in the Roles section.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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