Set personal goals with Goals Tracker

We've added a handy tool to help you keep track of your short-term goals. It's a simple 1 - 10 sliding scale which translates to a percentage, and gives you a quick overview of your progress.

Good to know: Personal Goals are for your eyes only. No-one else on your company account can see them or rate you on your progress!

Step 1: Create personal goals

Go to your Hi5 Wall of Fame dashboard and click on Goals Tracker.

A modal will pop up - go to the Personal Goals tab.

Now, click on Add new goal to start typing. 

No-one else has access to your Goals Tracker besides you, and none of the personal goals you set are archived. Simply add, remove and slide as you'd like! 😉

Step 2: Check progress

Check your Goals Tracker for a quick progress report on your personal goals. Update it as you go along until you've completed all your tasks.

Step 3: Remove Goals

Once you've completed your personal goals and no longer want to see them, you can remove them by clicking on the X icon next to each one.

Bonus: Use Goals Tracker to check on your long-term goals

You can also check the Goals related to your Role at the company that was set by your Admin, by clicking on Goals Tracker and then going to the My Role tab.

No Goals under My Role? Check out how to create your own long-term goals.
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