Creating pulses as an employee

Don't you sometimes want to solicit feedback outside of a Performance Review cycle, for instance on how it went with your sales pitch?

Employees can now ask for feedback from anyone using our new Get Feedback feature.

Step 1

Go to To Do > Get Feedback in your Hi5 menu, or go here.

We've added 2 x free Get Feedback pulse templates for you to use, with standard feedback questions to help you get going! Click Preview.

Get started by clicking on the Use Now button.

Step 2

Name your pulse and choose your deadline date (Once off pulse) or set your feedback cycle (Recurring pulse). You can create an unlimited amount of Pulse Feedbacks!

Note: by using a Get Feedback pulse template, you're not able to edit the questions.

Step 3

Choose your pulse settings (for a detailed guide on creating pulses, check this article from Step 3 onwards).

You have 2 Pulse type options:

Individual - Select co-workers in your company to give you feedback
External - Generate a shareable link to get feedback from people outside of your company

Individual Feedback

To get feedback from your co-workers, select Individual Feedback and then choose Department or Specific User(s) from the drop down to select your pulse participants.

Additional: You can add Self-rating or External rating to this Pulse type if you wish to rate yourself or send it to people outside of your organisation as well!

External Feedback

If you'd like to get feedback from outside your organisation only, select the External pulse type, edit your link if you need to, and then click Publish to share!

Pulse Feedback dashboard

To view your pulse results, go to To Do > Get Feedback and click on the View Stats icon. Here you can also edit your pulse deadline and add/remove pulse participants, duplicate the pulse, copy the External link (if applicable) or remove the pulse:

Good to know: Your Get Feedback pulses are for your eyes 👀 only; your line managers & admins don't have access to your pulses or the results!
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