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How to upgrade your Hi5 company account?

Upgrading your plan to Hi5 Games, Awesome or Business

So, you've tried and love Hi5 Awesome (free for up to 10 members), but now you'd like to upgrade to a paid subscription? Follow these simple steps to set up your paid subscription:

Step 1

On your Hi5 homepage go to Settings under My Company. You will be on the Subscription page.

Select the Upgrade option.

Step 2: Choose an option

Here you will see 3 upgrade options:

Games: For more information on Games click here

Awesome: For more information on Awesome click here

Business: Offers all the benefits of Awesome plus company and co-worker rating on Values & Goals, Pulse surveys, as well as access to detailed reports.

Decide which option is best for you and select the package you would like.

Note: For more detailed info on our subscription plans, please visit our Pricing page.

Step 3

Apply any discount codes that you may have received from Hi5 and click Apply Code & Checkout, or click Checkout.

Step 4

Enter your payment details and start enjoying Hi5 Games™ or Hi5 Business™ or Hi5 Awesome™!

Once you've completed your upgrade, you will be able to view your invoices and export them as PDFs. See our help article on How to print your invoice.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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