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How to sign up for a Hi5 company account

Create a company account

You can sign up for a company account on Hi5 by following these simple steps on Desktop or Mobile.

Good to know: Signing up for a Hi5 company account is free and we don't require credit card details until you're ready to upgrade!

Step 1

Go to the Sign up page here, or click/tap on the Create New Company link on the log in page. Fill out the form.

Step 2

Select the relevant fields in the drop downs, then click Continue to Personalisation

Step 3

Select your Hi5 plan according to your preferences and company needs.

Step 4

Create your first team and personalize your work space. You can then select Invite and Continue to invite users, or select I'll do this later to continue.

Step 5

Set your password and verify that you are not a robot 🤖

We'll show you a quick set-up guide, which you can skip if you'd prefer.

Step 6

Check out our next steps for getting started as an Administrator.
You should:

Invite some co-workers (Desktop & mobile)
Add your company values (Desktop only)
Give Hi5's (Desktop & mobile)
Create & run a Pulse survey (Desktop only)

Remember to add Hi5 as a shortcut to your mobile phone's Home Screen, check out these steps 📲

That's it! Welcome to the Hi5 family! 🎉🙌

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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