Invite by Domain

You can now share a link to join your company on Hi5 (instead of uploading users). Add it to your employee onboarding documentation and never worry about inviting new users again. Quick, easy & effective!

Step 1

On Desktop, go to My Company > Settings and click on the Profile tab.

Step 2

Scroll down to the Allowed Email Domains section. Now add your company email domain/s that will be able to join the company account.

Once done, you can click the Update Allowed Domains button:

Step 3

Copy your invite link and share it with the world! Only email addresses with the domains you've specified will be able to join your company account

Some ideas for sharing:
Send this link on a Microsoft Teams chat or Slack channel
Create a QR code, make a poster and place it in your canteen area
Send the link via an sms campaign using a service like Bulk SMS
Share the link on your company's WhatsApp group

For more ways to invite co-workers to your company account, check out this article.
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