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How to set up Hi5 integration with Okta - OpenID Connect

Hi5 integration with Okta - OpenID Connect


Supported Features
Configuration Steps

Supported Features

This article shows a fairly simple example setup demonstrating how to use OKTA as a Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) using OIDC.


You need to have an active Hi5 company account to use this integration.
All users need to be a part of the same Hi5 company account and be active.
Be the Administrator of your Okta account.

Configuration Steps

How to enable OIDC in Hi5
OIDC is automatically activated to create a secure SSO flow.

How to add the Hi5 OIDC application in Okta:

Step 1

Navigate to Applications and choose Applications from the dropdown.

On the Application page, Select Browse App Catalog and search for Hi5.

Select the Hi5 card and click Add.

Next define the Application label (or leave it as standard) and click Done.

Once the integration has been added, you will be able to assign users to the Hi5 app under the Assignments tab. This will enable users to login to Hi5 using Okta as the SSO.

Assign users

Under the Assignments tab, click on the Assign dropdown and select Assign to People or Assign to Group.

Select the People/Group that you want to add and click Save. When you’re finished, click Done.

Link Okta OpenID Connect to Hi5

In a new browser tab, login to your Hi5 account and navigate to My Company > Settings > Profile.

Scroll down to the Okta integration section and click the Link Now button. A new modal will open.

Now, go back to Okta and navigate to the Sign On tab for the Hi5 Okta app and copy your Client ID and Client Secret.

Paste the Client ID and Client Secret from Okta into the Hi5 modal.

Next, you’ll also need to know your Okta Domain which may look something like Go to the Okta browser tab that you have open, and copy this portion of the URL only (include https://) (do not include '-admin'):

Then paste into the Issuer URL field in Hi5:

Last step! Copy the Okta URL section again (without https://) (do not include '-admin'):

And paste this into the Okta Org URL field in Hi5:

Click Save and you’re done!

Important: Before your employees can log in using Okta, you need to invite them to Hi5 by following these steps: Add Co-workers. Once they've activated their accounts, your employees can log in using Okta 👇


Now that you have configured the Hi5 app on your Okta account, your team can head over to and select to login with Okta.

Once you enter your Okta Org URL and are verified the secure Okta SSO tab will open, where your Okta credentials can be entered to sign in!

Once authenticated, you will automatically be logged into Hi5 with your current session token.

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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