My role and goals

Besides being able to create your own goals, your admin and line manager can create a role and goals and assign it to you.

What is my role on Hi5 for?

Once you've been assigned a role, you will have 5 goals attached to the role and can be reviewed by your co-workers on these, either through pulses or ratings. So it's good to check on your goals and keep track of your progress!

Here's how to see your role and goals:

Step 1

Go to your Hi5 Wall of Fame dashboard, and click on your profile pic or the My Role link underneath.

Step 2

Now you can see your role and the goals assigned to you. If you'd like to submit new goals, click on the Create Role button and follow these steps.

P.s. if you'd like to set personal goals for yourself (not seen or reviewed by others), then you can use the Hi5 Goals Tracker!
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