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How to leave a comment on a Hi5

Comments on Hi5's

Would you like to thank someone for a Hi5, or did you see a Hi5 given to a co-worker that you'd love to add some feedback or appreciation to? 

Besides backing a Hi5 as validation, you can now also leave comments to add to the conversation and make your co-workers feel even more appreciated!

Step 1: Hi5 Wall of Fame

Go to your Hi5 Wall of Fame, browse to a Hi5 you'd like to comment on and then click Comment. This will open the Hi5 with the Comments pane on the right:

Step 2: Leave a comment

Type your comment then click the Enter button on your keyboard. The receiver of the Hi5 will get a notification that someone has left a comment on the Hi5 for them.

Now, everyone will see there's a comment on the Hi5 and will be able to join in on the conversation!

Step 3: Edit or remove your comment

If you wish to edit or delete your comment, simply open the Comments again and click on Edit or Remove underneath.

Please note: As an Employee or Line Manager, you can only edit or remove your own comments. Admins are able to remove anyone's comments from Hi5's.

Want to give a Hi5? Here's how.

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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