Birthday Hi5's

Who doesn't love a spot of recognition on their birthday!? If you give a Hi5 to a co-worker on their birthday, you can toggle Birthday Hi5 and add a colourful banner to your message 🚩

Step 1

Start a Hi5 as normal. If it's your co-worker's birthday, you will see the Birthday Hi5 toggle in the top left corner of the Hi5 modal. If it's not their birthday, you can still make their day special with a Genuine Hi5 😉

Step 2: Toggle on

With the Birthday Hi5 toggle on, you can select one of four banner colours to add to your Hi5. Complete the Hi5 by adding a GIF or photo & tagging values.

Step 3: Toggle off

If you toggle off the Birthday Hi5, you can proceed to give a Hi5 as per normal with animated GIF's, etc. and no birthday banner (awh sad).

Step 4: Wall of Fame

Besides getting notified of receiving a Hi5 from you, your co-worker as well as the entire company will see a birthday banner in your chosen colour on the Hi5 Wall of Fame, forever!

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