Completing company Pulse surveys

Your Admins or Line Managers can create & manage incredibly powerful Pulses to gain rich insights into the growth of your company.

What do you need to do? Simply complete the Pulses that appear under your To Do tab. Read below.

Step 1

Go to To Do > My Pulses. Click on the Rate Now button on the right to start your Pulse rating.

Step 2

Complete the questions in the Pulse. There are 5 types of questions (they may not all appear in the same Pulse at once):

Short answer
Allows text input for qualitative data.
Dropdown list
Allows you to choose an answer option.
Rating 1-5
A simple slider scale.
Goal rating
If roles and goals have been set up by your Admin or Line Manager, this will run the same way as a normal rating against an individual's goals.
Culture rating
If company values have been added by your Admin, this will run the same way as a normal rating against the company's culture.

Once done, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Step 3: Edit a Pulse rating

You can go back and edit your Pulse ratings any time before the deadline displayed on that Pulse, by clicking on Edit Pulse on the far right:

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