Adding Offices

Use Offices to group employees according to their site location. This is a great way to measure how each Office is doing in terms of Growth, Culture, Recognition and Happiness.

Step 1

Go to Offices under the My Company tab.

Step 2

Click Add Office to create a new Office

Step 3

Fill in the name of the Office and click Save. 

Step 4

Once you add an Office, you will be able to view and edit them in the Offices section. You will also be able to see how many co-workers are in each Office.This will be displayed on the green buttons on the right:

Step 5: Assign co-workers to an Office

Option 1: Multiple

To easily assign multiple co-workers to a single Office, click on the Assign Office icon. You can also click on the green Number of Employees button on the right. Choose co-workers from the drop-down list or type in their names.

Option 2: Individual

To add a co-worker to an Office, go to the Manage section and simply select their Office from the drop-down next to their name:

Alternatively, you can click on the Employee's name to open their profile, then assign them to an Office using the drop-down menu in the Organization section.

Remember to click Save all to save your selection.

For more steps on using the Manage section, see our help article How to: use the Manage Section.
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