How to add new participants to a Pulse survey

How to Add New Participants to a Pulse Survey

After you have created your Pulse survey, you may miss a participant or just brought on a new member in your company onto Hi5. The following steps show you how to add them to your current Pulse surveys instead of created a new one!

Step 1

Go into your Manage Pulses tab under Pulses in your Hi5 menu.

Step 2

Find the Pulse you would like to add a new participant/participants to, and click on the View Pulse button.

Step 3

Go into the Settings tab in your Pulse.

Step 4

Select the Pulse Participants dropdown option.

Step 5

Choose the participant/participants you would like to add to the Pulse.

You can search by Department to find specific participants.

Remove Pulse Participant

On the right you can click the X next to the name of a participant to remove them from the Pulse.

Step 6: Notify New/Outstanding Participants

In your Manage Pulses section in your Hi5 Menu, click on the number of Completed surveys option of your chosen Pulse.

Step 7

Click Yes to send a reminder e-mail for all outstanding raters to fill in the Pulse survey.

Please note: This will send a reminder to all Participants who have not yet filled out the Pulse survey, including previously added participants.

You have now successfully added and notified your new participant/participants to your Pulse survey!🎉

Updated on: 14/11/2022

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