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How to add Departments

Adding Departments

Departments are an easy way to filter and manage co-workers and their ratings. 

Step 1

Go to Departments under the My Company tab.

Step 2

Click on Add New Department to create a new Department. 

Step 3

Fill in the name of the Department and click Save. 

Step 4

You will be able to edit and delete departments, as well as assign users, and delete departments.

Step 5: Assign co-workers to a Department

Option 1: Assigning Multiple Employees to a Department

To assign multiple co-workers to a Department, click on the Assign Department icon. Choose co-workers from the drop-down list, or type their names into the search bar under Name. Click Save to save your selection.

Option 2: Assigning an Individual Employee to a Department

To add a co-worker to a Department, go to the Manage section and select their Department from the dropdown:

Alternatively, click on the user's profile and select the appropriate Department from the dropdown menu in the Select Department section.

For more steps on using the Manage section, see our help article How to: use the Manage Section.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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