Hi5'er of the month poster

You've crowned a Hi5 and everybody has celebrated that person, but you'd still like to give them something a bit more tangible? You can get a printable PDF to your Hi5'er of the month via your Recognition Dashboard.

Step 1

Go to your Recognition Dashboard and click on the Total Crowned Hi5's button.

Note: First use the time period filter to target Employees who were crowned at specific times.

This will pull up an alphabetical list of all the crowned Employees in your company.

Step 2

Click on Create Poster next to the name of the relevant Employee.

This will generate a sleek poster that you can print and put up in your office. Better yet, save a tree 🌲 and rather email it 📧 to the rest of the Employees in your company!

Need more info about Hi5 Crowning? Here's a quick guide on how it works.
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